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Torah Scribe,

Born in 1970 and raised in Argentina, Rabbi Gustavo Surazski was ordained at the "Latin American Rabbinical Seminary" in Buenos Aires in 1998, where he taught halacha and rabbinic literature.

Rabbi Gustavo earned a B.A. in Jewish Scripture and Philosophy from the University of Haifa and an M.A. in Jewish Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary in Jerusalem. He is also a cantor and Torah scribe, having written Sifrei Torah for congregations in the United States, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Israel.

In Argentina, he served as rabbi of the Beit Chai Community of the Natán Gesang Day School. He made aliyah to Ra'anana in 2002, where he served as rabbi of the local Masorti congregation, Kehillat Amitai. Since 2004, he has been serving as rabbi of Kehillat Netzach Israel in Ashkelon.

Rabbi Gustavo lives in Ashkelon with his wife and three children.

Rabino Gustavo Surazski

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